Saturday, November 14, 2009

Haenel 310 Disassembly, Part 2

On I go...

The first time I disassembled the rifle (yes, I've done it more than once in the past few days...) I punched the pin out, removed the pin punch and something went "sproing-klunk" inside. I try and avoid that.

I found that it's easiest to have the action like this, held in a vise.

The pin is punched out.

A stout rod or pin punch takes up the spring force by hand and the pin punch is withdrawn from the cross pin hole.

Then the spring is relaxed...the spring force is not great.

The pin is grooved?

I pulled out the spring and piston assembly.

It's always something new with airguns.

The tube feeds the shot from the magazine and acts as one long transfer port for the compressed air (see the slot just in front of the piston seal?)

That tab at the end with the sides cut off would have to be navigated around in order to use a spring compressor. Notice the large sear surface.

Another view.

The nasty, greasy,leather seal. That small setscrew locks the piston head in place.

So I removed it.

The piston face unscrews with a spanner...

So I made one out of some steel pipe.

I milled away to make a spanner.

Unscrewing the piston face.

All the piston parts. Now it's just cleaning, reassembly, testing, disassembly, tweaking, come later...

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Unknown said...

Do you have photos of the magazine slot with the piston installed?