Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Haenel 310, Trigger Cutoff Spring

So I started taking down the Haenel 311 I bought with the 310.

When I got to the trigger group I noticed a spring that held the trigger cutoff against the safety linkage. Hmmm. I never noticed it on the 310...and the cutoff definitely didn't have the same functionality. So back to the 310 before I start the 311 (and I'll get to it tomorrow, as the blog motto is now "All Haenels, All the Time".)

I removed the trigger group and looked inside...there's the end of the spring tucked up inside the housing.

I removed the circlip from the shaft that holds the spring and removed it.

Getting it back into position was a tad complex...I held the leg in position with the small punch while I pushed the top down against the rather hefty force, and captured it with another punch.

I wiggled and pushed the shaft back into place. Now the trigger is cut off whenever the rifle is being cocked, and the safety is automatic, not manual!

I had also tried to make a reproduction front sight hood but it came out smaller than I would have liked, and somewhat lumpy...

So I turned a tube and milled a slot.

Not original looking but it works for now. I'll revisit this later...

Here's the 311, tap loading .177 pellet...soon to be exploded into little bits.

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