Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Yard Sale Scores

We hit some yard sales Friday morning. The 2nd sale was a junk dealer I recognised from the local flea market. I asked him if he had any pellet guns. He pulled a plastic receiver 760 out from a space in the corner of his garage, I said "no thanks", but as he put it back I noticed another one in there. He said, "it's the same" but I asked to look at it anyway.
It was a Coleman era model 760 metal receiver w/ brass bolt handle, metal trigger for $10. Not terribly exciting but something to buy. Looking through an open door I spied a 38T hanging up on his livingroom wall. "It's jammed", he said, so I got a .177 38T for $15.00. Of course I already have a bunch of them but 15 bucks is a good deal. Turns out it was a pellet stuck between the cylinder and barrel. It had an old bottlecap style Crosman CO2 cartridge still in it (no gas). I'll mess with it later but a good buy.

The 760 of that era was a much better product than the current all plastic ones.

Steel trigger and brass bolt handle.

The 38T. Maybe I'll do some customization?

On Saturday I dragged the kids out early to a yard sale down the road from us. Last year the same people had a sale where I bought a number of airguns, but this year there were none. What I did find was a box of pellets and bb's for $20.00

9 full boxes and one partial box of "Copperhead" dome and wadcutter pellets, an old tin and a plastic box full of Crosman "Superpells", Sheridan .22 Diabolos and about 10 RWS 6mm Flobert blanks.

The Superpell tins, with one on the tin. I guess I'm on my way to collecting vintage pellets.

A huge amount of bb's (bbs? beebees?) probably 6000-8000. Maybe it's time to build a full auto bb gun?

An old tube of Federal steel "Air Rifle Shot".

I also bought a box of gun parts and scope mounts for $10. A new Pachmayr butt plate, pistol sight, revolver grips (I already checked, it wouldn't be easy to mount them on the 38T).

The pistol front and rear sight. No name. Should be handy at some point for a project.

4 "Realist" scope mounts with only one base. If you have a gun that has the bases but no rings I'll make you a deal! Without the other bases they are of little use to me.


Josh said...

I never knew that coleman made a 760. Does the bolt actualy lock?
is the barrel rifled or smoothebore?
other than the receiver, is it any different than the newer plastic 760.

Felice Luftschein said...

It's very different inside than the newer 760. I have it apart and will be blogging about it soon. The bbl is smoothbore. Not sure if the bolt handle locks or if it's a catch inside, forgot to check before I had it apart!