Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crosman 180 Stock Refinish Part 1

The stock on the Crosman 180 is pretty...well, plain. It's hard to get excited about an airgun, firearm--anything for that matter--when you don't find it visually engaging. "Utility grade" is the kindest phrase I can find to describe the 180 stock. "Ugly as sin" also works.

Side left.

The flip side.

This isn't my first choice for a shoulder connection interface. Stocks look unfinished with this type of butt. Even a thin plastic butt plate is better than this. At least make it look like you tried.

No going back now.

A few minutes along.

There's some decent grain under that brown varnish. Took a bit over half an hour to strip the stock with a hand sander. Used garnet (as opposed to aluminum-oxide) paper. Faster cutting action and the garnet paper tends to last a lot longer.

Went down the street to my aunt and uncle's house to get some saw time.

Eyeballed it.

Looks pretty good. Now I have to fit either a recoil pad or a butt plate.

Ok, now I'm really committed. Guess I'll be making a new forend tip to match.

More to come.

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