Friday, May 29, 2009

Disassembling an early Crosman Model 760, Part 1

I decided to get the Crosman model 760 I bought last week into working order.

Hmmm, There's some sort of cap over the pivot pin.

Notice the surface rust. It appears the caps cover the roll pin.

A small pin punch removes a pin from inside the roll pin.

A tiny bit bent. A nice detail to cover up the ugly roll pin.

Now to remove that roll pin.

Punched it out. Seems there was a bit of wear in the pump arm pivot hole...just a bit...

Loosening the barrel band set screw. The barrel band is pot metal.

The plastic front sight and barrel band.

Removed the piston. It's steel with the same type of cup as on the modern 760.

Punched out the forearm roll pins and disassembled it all.

I have enough spare parts...found a replacement in my junk drawer for the one with the wallowed out hole. It's from an early 1377.

Another setscrew in the top holds the barrel on.

I removed three screws from the receiver.

Unscrewed the brass bolt knob.

Separated the two halves. Unlike the current model 760, nothing flew out and there was plenty of space inside.


Josh said...

Its internals seem similar to that of your 66 powermaster

Felice Luftschein said...

Yeah, you're right. I don't think they changed the overall mechanism much. But there's just more metal and the sear, etc are thicker. Overall I'd say it's more robust. I do understand why they went to a plastic transfer port - the potmetal one isn't ideal (it'll be the third post, I had some issues with it).

Anonymous said...

How did you remove the front grip? I want to make wooden ones but I can't figure out a way to get it off.