Wednesday, December 20, 2017

AR-15 Stock Adapter for a Crosman 22XX -- Part 2

The Crosman project for my wife continued to evolve over the last few weeks.

I replaced the short 2250 forend with a longer forend from a Benjamin Marauder pistol.  Cut down a 24" Crosman 2260 barrel to 20" and made a carbon fiber muzzle brake.  The grips were also updated to the newest style from Crosman's P1377 pistol. 

Mounted a UTG hand stop.  A long #8-32 screw holds the hand stop as well as anchors the front of the forend to the barrel band.

This is an AR-15 accessory designed for the KeyMod rail.  The radii don't match, with a gap between the hand stop and the forend, so no modification to either part was necessary. 

Turned a press fit plug from acetal to fill the unused pressure gauge hole.   It actually doesn't look so bad in person.  Think the diameter ended up at 1.025".

A UTG 11mm to Picatinny adapter carries the theme.  I was pushing for a UTG 4-16X scope, but my wife thought it was getting a bit heavy.  A Crosman labeled 3x9 with AO is lighter and should provide all the magnification a CO2 rifle really needs.

MFT stock fully shortened.

And extended.

We'll need to get some range time before taking it much further.  I'm still debating whether or not to convert it to .177.  I expect that might give a flatter trajectory and a bit more range for those tin cans.

Thanks for checking in.


Anonymous said...

Nice upgrades, Derrick. I'll be interested to see where you (and your wife) end up with this rifle.

cobalt327 said...

Good looking build, and very informative blog!

Was wondering what the MV is, as it now sits?

I've read that Crosman uses at least two different valves (giving different MV/shot counts) on their Custom Shop guns (and possibly regular production guns as well). The info seems to indicate they use a lower power valve for Walther barreled guns as well as some .177 guns and a higher power valve for some non-Walther and .22 guns. Can you confirm or deny any of this info?

derrick38 said...

Crosman uses a sleeve in some of the valves as a volume reducer. As far as I know, the valves are all identical, but installing the sleeve will cut down the valve's CO2 volume. I've no idea what their criteria is for when they use it in the custom shop guns. If you go through their EVP drawings, you should be able to find the valve with the sleeve. I'll try to get the chronograph set up this weekend and get some velocity numbers.

derrick38 said...

Just checked the EVP's. If you look at the drawing of Crosman's 2300T, the valve spacer is #11D on the schematic. Crosman part #2300-037. This will drop into any of the 22XX valves and drop velocity and theoretically increase shot count. Still can't guess as to their criteria for when to use a valve with the spacer in a custom shop configuration.

cobalt327 said...

Thanks for the insight, I appreciate it.

cobalt327 said...

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

looks gorgeous.. how ,uch did you end up spending on it?

derrick38 said...

A cheap mil spec AR15 buffer is about $15 and I think the stock was about the same.

Unknown said...

What is the tool pictured that looks like a square drive on a non ratcheting handle?

derrick38 said...

I don’t see any tools pictured in this blog. There is a QD sling swivel pictured with the rifle in the last few images.