Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Still Sprucing Up the CP1-M. Part 3

Just making a quick grip/hand interface modification.

When I added that palm shelf, I didn't account for how it would slightly alter my finger placement.   

As the shelf pushes my hand upwards into the grip, my pinky and ring finger get pinched by the finger grooves.

Back to the sanding drum to move the bottom two finger grooves upward.

Attach the palm rest..

And try this again.

Sand, test, sand, test...


A little spot sanding 

Just like that, the grip finish is restored.   Not exactly deus ex machina.

I've been meaning to add a bolt hold-open feature-- a small refinement to make loading a bit more pleasant.  I'll get that up in a separate blog later this evening.   

Thanks for checking in.  

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