Saturday, April 15, 2017

Findlay Airgun Show Finds

Here's some of the stuff I found at the Findlay show last week.    

At $5/tin,  I couldn't have done any better on pellet pricing.

An inexpensive Daisy target aperture. 

Don't have a plan for this sight yet, but it should fit a variety of rifles.  

A Hammerli Master target pistol from noted collector Larry Hannusch was too good to pass up.

I read an online review where the writer claimed that the Hammerli was what a Crosman 2240 wanted to be when it grew up.  That might be the best way to describe how much I like this pistol.  

Some projects coming up:  The adjustable recoil pad got a revision, some carbon fiber tubing for a barrel sleeve, wood grips for the Hammerli...

Check back in a couple days.  I'll have something up.

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Paul said...

I've got one of those Daisy aperture sights - and the front sight that goes with it. Don't have any extra front sight inserts though (don't recall right this second what is IN the front sight). Have been considering putting it on the 1377 carbine with 24" barrel. Or it may go on something else. Looking forward to the promised projects. :-D