Monday, June 27, 2011

The Champ in Pellet "Tins"

Haven't found any time since adding the accessory rail to the Haenel 303 last week. Figured I'd check in with a quick post.

Been buying pellets for a few decades now and was almost surprised one day to find that the pile has gotten to what can almost be considered a "collection". Seems I buy them faster than I can shoot them.

About four shelves like this. All the major four calibers: .177, .20 .22 and .25 cal. Probably have well over 70k pellets from various companies. I like the variety.

Some of the older, less encountered.

I've been buying up old odds and ends for over thirty years. I can remember when there was a time when "vintage" pellets were just "old" pellets. And, yikes, this doesn't even scratch the surface, it's just what I carried over to the bench.

So, out of all of these pellets, what's unique or interesting? It's just lead after all.

I narrowed it down to one--Arlaz .177 cal wadcutters from Spain. Out of production, long gone from circulation, but what great packaging--so simple and well designed, it's genius.

The top and bottom halves slide over each other. Hold the bottom stationary and spin the top half. Arlaz even greased the two halves so it's easy to turn.

Each piece has a large hole in the side.

Rotate to align the holes...

and shake some pellets out.

Twist the holes out of alignment and it's closed. No press fit lids that pop open unexpectedly in the pocket or gun case. Well done, Arlaz.

More soon.


DaveUK said...

I've seen gun shops with less stocks of pellets than you have
If there was one tin of pellets I would love to get my hands on it would be Sussex Sabo's.
A little too effective in our UK power limited air guns.
That is why they stopped making them I think.

derrick38 said...

Yeah, it's a bit much. But it's fun stuff. As I recall, the SABO pellets were also relatively expensive. Between the cost and the UK power limit, that might have been to much to overcome in the marketplace. Remember those plastic skirted Prometheus pellets?

DaveUK said...

We can still get the Prometheus Plastic skirt pellets.
I still have a couple of hundred knocking around myself.
Not very accurate though,certainly from my 12ftIb rifle.
(Over 12ftIb they might be good)
They will however punch through 1mm thick metal.
Very handy if vermin decide to start wearing body armour :)

Slinging Lead said...


That's quite a collection. Old pellet tins fascinate me somehow. So do cigar boxes.

I love the Arlaz tin. It is so simple and genius at the same time. I also dig the texture around the edges of each half.

I guess if you deem a rifle as being inaccurate, it would be the definitive truth, seeing as how you have every pellet known to man.

Monih said...

And how about the nibs - rumored to be powerful and dangerous available almost everywhere

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Hello I am a collector of Diabolo, BBs and Flobert boxes. I would like to ask if you have such a thing? Thanks a lot. Regards,from the Czech Republic