Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Heavy Barrel Sleeve for a BAM B26-2 Part 3 Final

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OK, the barrel shroud.  Yep...  I blued it with Van's cold blue and it was a rather dark gray color and doesn't quite match the metalwork on the B26-2.  Don't think the issue is the Van's so much as just each cold blue giving a different result with each alloy.  It was completely uniform in color.  In an attempt to get it both blacker and a bit more "steel blue", I burnished some Birchwood Casey Permablue paste into the piece.  This colored it almost exactly as below.  After drying the piece, I wiped it down again with another coat of Van's on a gray Scotchbrite pad.   Again, it blended seamlessly.  Next, I rinsed the shroud in cold, then hot water.

Once dry, it was slathered with Rig grease.  Rig grease came out on top of Brownell's corrosion protection test a few years ago.  I coat all the metalwork on my airguns with it.

The sleeve--after fluting--weighs in at just over 12 oz.  Three quarters of a pound.

After installation, point of impact changed roughly 0.750" low at 33 feet.

The gun is noticeably muzzle heavy and I like it.

Not sure what's next.  But check back soon.

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