Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick October Update

Just a quick blurb.  Haven't been posting as often lately. As of late, it's mostly due to the weather is changing and any free time has been spent getting the home and yard ready for winter.

I'm stuck on the IZH 53M for a couple more days.  I didn't have a large enough diameter piece of rod on hand to make a new end cap.  Put together a metal order and got some of 12L14 steel in the required size.  12L14 is a "free machining" steel that's easier to work (than a hardenable tool steel) due to it's lower carbon content.  Hopefully, the metal order will arrive later today and I can finish up the IZH over the weekend.

Also have an easy project for my Aeron target pistols on the bench right now.  Want to make a couple metal thread covers for the bulk-fill caps--except  I didn't have a M18 x 2mm tap on hand.  Yep, those are in transit right now, too--apparently on the slow boat as the tracking number hasn't shown forward progress in a week.

So, I'm just stuck in a holding pattern for a couple days.
On another front, I've got some machinery being delivered in the next week that will allow for some projects I've been unable to attempt. 

Keep us in mind if you have some older (new is good, too!) airguns laying around that need a good home.  Non-functional is just dandy as that's the theme of the blog.  We're always looking for project guns.  Sometimes broken guns are useful to us for barrels, sights, valves, etc. If you have anything of value to us--dubious or otherwise--drop us an email or leave a comment and Nick or I will get back to you. 


Bobby Nations said...


I have hesitated to ask for your help on an old Crosman 120 that I picked up last year, but when you issue requests ...

I picked it up as a bag-o-parts gun off of craigslist last year that is basically all there. The only things missing don't really affect the functionality (screws for the sight, a washer for the bolt knob, etc.). In fact, I asked a question about it on Nick's first Crosman 120 rebuild post.

Where it is truly crocked is that the former owner tried to remove the stock locating stud and managed to snap it off down inside the flange. I then exacerbated the problem trying to use a screw extractor on it, and snapped that off inside the stud itself. Sigh. I now think that it was soldered/welded/brazed into the flange originally, and heating things up is beyond my mechanical abilities at this point.

I would like to get it working as I bought it for my son or daughter to use in the woods with me squirrel hunting when they get old enough and want to go enough.

What do you think? I could take pictures and send them if it would help you know whether it would be an interesting project or not. I know that you and Nick have worked on a couple of 120s now, but this one might involve a part of the gun that you haven't had to tackle just yet.

derrick38 said...
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derrick38 said...


Let me try this reply again, the easiest, best way to remove the broken stud and screw extractor would be to take it to a machine shop that has an EDM. This is far, far beyond my capability here at home.

I should have been more clear in the post, that we're really not looking to take on projects for others. We're essentially looking for some airgun donations in order to have continuing projects for the blog. It's not that we're cheap, we're just don't always have the money to buy the guns, machines, tooling, etc.

An EDM will handle problem and the cost will be more than fair.

Bobby Nations said...


I understand, which is why I hesitated to ask in the first place. BTW, what is an EDM?

derrick38 said...

Electrical Discharge Machining. The metal is electrically eroded or burned away.