Sunday, May 8, 2011

IZH Diopter Sight Addendum

This was just an afterthought. Some of the target sights have a small extension on the windage adjustment for easier purchase. Each knob is attached with a small set screw. I simply removed the setscrew on the windage knob and measured the thread size, then found a suitable piece of steel rod.

Cut and faced a piece of 0.125" drill rod. Turned down one end to 0.118".

With a mill file, I rounded the end.

And tapped to M3 x 0.5mm. Actually didn't need a die handle--small, fine threads are that easy to cut.

Slotted with a hacksaw blade. The blade was modified--the offset was ground off so the blade cuts to it's true width. Handy for small screwdriver slots...

...on small screws.

The mill file came out again and rounded the head.



Done. Took about ten minutes.

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