Sunday, April 10, 2011

Toys that Shoot Airgun Show in Findlay, Ohio 2011

Yesterday, April 9th, 2011 was the sixth edition of the "Flag City Toys that Shoot" show in Findlay, Ohio. And again, show promoter Dan Lerma just knocked it out of the park. The tables were completely sold out and attendance was way up. For many of the sellers, it looked like old friends getting together again. The airgun community is remarkably tight-knit like that. In order to get this post up timely, I'm just gonna dump a bunch of pics with minimal text and let you guys just see a small portion of what was there.

Hey! I got the Sawmillers to smile.

Webley Senior

Vintage Hammerlis and Walthers

Hammerli Master CO2 target pistol.

Couple nice Walthers and a Haenel.

FWB 65...

Crosman 150's were in abundance, as were Smith&Wesson 78/79G's

Tons of Benjis, Sheridans and vintage Crosman pneumatic rifles.

Dennis Baker (wearing the hat)

Dennis Quackenbush with a few of his big bore PCP guns.

The Pyramyd Air table was jammed all morning. PA isn't hosting an open house this year, so I suspect that they packed for this show accordingly.

By 10Am it was hard to walk around the side aisles.

Richard Gentry

Randy Mitchell

Theodore Summers--professional airgun afficionado. Always one of my favorite guys to see. He manages to find the coolest stuff.

Saw quite a few MK1 and 2's

Don Raitzer (not pictured--????) Made me buy a beautiful Belgian Hy-Score 801 and a Crosman 116--also not pictured. Yet.

Ingvar Alm had tables full of guns, each rarer than the next. MK 1's, 150's, Acvokes, ball flask pistols, a Giffard pistol...

Well known Yellow Forum member Steven Joseph was there again with a few really sweet guns. But he tells me that his son was outselling (and out horsetrading) him all day. He was pretty proud of that.

Oh, there were a couple Daisy's, too. Hundreds of them in fact.

Just racks and racks of airguns

I was in heaven.

Ed Dohse

BB guns, tinplates, bugelspanners, you name it.

Vic Lanzotti and Pat Keebey

Kevin Hull was out on good behavior.

Tom Slocum had his submarine commander watch going on and kept me laughing the whole time. I really enjoyed talking to him. He was actually fixing a gun for someone during the show!

John and Linda Groenwald. John sold me a neat IZH SJ22 for co-blogger Nick at a great price. --Don't tell him, It's a surprise.

I absolutely missed getting pics of so many great people and interesting items.

Dan, I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. Congrats on a fine show.
If you think you want a table (or tables) for next year, I'd encourage you to contact Dan Lerma at


Slinging Lead said...


Whats a matter? You couldn't get Richard Gentry to smile? Or maybe you pissed him off. "You no look, you BUY!"

On the other hand, it looks like someone was tickling Theo Summers just before the shot was taken.

I was reading some posts about it on the yellow, and someone said it was nothing but Daisys or words to that effect. Looking at your photos it looks like he meant that in the metaphorical sense, because that is pure airgun nirvana right there. I loved the post, if you had any room left in that memory card, I wouldn't mind reading a part 2. Great stuff!

Oh, and don't think you're off the hook with the Belgian Hy Score. How about a blog about a tear down? I have one myself, maybe you've seen it.

cinedux said...

From the bottom of the world,thanks very much for a "visual tour"of the show!Don't have anything like it in NZ.Best wishes,

derrick38 said...

Gentry was grinning ear to ear the entire show. I think he just likes to look stoic for posterity.

Ted is the man. I always find 3 (or 5) nice things at his table.

I had no idea that I live such a hotbed of airgun activity.

Volvo said...

Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

DaveUK said...

What variety.
Thanks for posting.