Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trigger Shoe for a QB77

Mentioned in a previous post about finding a #21 Ace trigger shoe. The plan was to install it on the HW 35E but some trial fitting wasn't looking very promising.

Here's a HW 97K with a shoe installed on the Rekord trigger. The HW 35 uses the same trigger unit.

The #21 Ace is on the left. The shoe removed from the 97K on the right. It's not an Ace (I don't think) though it does have #12 stamped into the back.

Aside from the Ace shoe being longer, the curve was a bit too far off. Need to find a different gun. The recently acquired Sportsman QB 77 looked like a potential candidate.

Shoeless and fancy free.

The shoe was way too long at the top.

A couple passes with an end mill took care of the height problem.

Quick test fit. Had to mill off the upper set screw threading in the process. The shoe is fitted with #4-40 size set screws. I need to add another.

Used a small machinist vise to hold the shoe and eyeballed a likely spot.

One of the Taig accessories is this 3/8" drill chuck adapter.

It installs directly to the headstock,

and lets you fit a Jacob's chuck.

Clamped the tiny machinist's vise right into the milling vise attachment. A vise holding a vise.

Dialed in the location and advanced the cross slide. Used a #43 drill bit,

Followed up by a #4-40 plug tap. No lathe power for the tapping. Removed the drive belt and turned the drive pulley by hand.

Everything stayed nicely aligned.

Finished the cut off end to 400 grit and touched up the bluing with Formula 44/40.

Done. Now, about the sights....Next time.

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