Saturday, January 2, 2010

Benjamin Model 132 Pistol Disassembly, Part 1

Happy New Year! I finally had a bit of time to buckle down and tear apart some airguns.

I picked up the lower pistol, a later Benjamin 137 (.177 cal) earlier in the year. Unfortunately it works fine. The upper pistol, a pre-1952 (according to Fletcher's "The Saint Louis & Benjamin Air Rifle Co.'s") Benjamin 132 was purchased in November and happily doesn't work at all! So I'm going to tear into it.

Just a few comparisons. Besides the use of plastic grips on the 137 and some differences in screws, the sight on the earlier pistol is a one piece brass affair, where the later sight is a steel stamping.

The markings on the breech cap are different.

The 137 has the model info on the right side.

The later pistol's barrel seems to protrude beyond the muzzle plug, where the earlier's is flush. Enough of such mundane matters, on to the fun stuff!

The lever hinge pin lock screw.


Punching out the lever hinge pin.

Notice the groove that the screw tip locks into.

I pulled the lever free.

I pulled out the muzzle plug.

A disgusting mess.

I lined up the link coupling pin with the hole to remove it but it wouldn't press out.

Because it's offset...hmmm...

So I used a small diameter pin punch to push it out. A reminder never to force anything.

With that I pulled out the pump plunger assembly.

With the worst wiped off...It doesn't look too bad.

I could not for the life of me loosen this screw...I'll touch on this later.

I unscrewed the pump rod from the link coupling.

And the felt oiler comes off.
On to part two shortly...


1st.Sgt.Pinkerton said...

Great walkthrough, how about a part two?
I have a 132 that just wont stay closed. I am thinking that someone may have pulled to hard on the handle when they pumped it...not quite sure of the handle angle though.
Looking forward to seeing more from you.

1st.Sgt.Pinkerton said...

Great wlak through. Please post more.

Felice Luftschein said...

If you look at the "labels" in the column to the right you'll see each model of gun, and then you can find all the posts on it.

There are 5 posts on the 132.

GoronZero said...

Does anyone know where I can order parts for this gun?

herb said...

I have a B F 112 I need help to take it apart, herb

Nick Carter said...

For reseal kits, parts and service you can try Bryan and Associates, Mac1, Precision Pellet or JG airguns.

In the UK: Lawrie Amatruda,
Chambers Gunmakers

Tell them I sent you.

Unknown said...

Hey I hate to sound like a dummy but my girlfriend has one of these: Benjamin Franklin Model 132 Air Pistol. It's actually labeled Air Rifle. Where can we find documentation on this thing, i.e. instructions on use etc. How many times does it need to be pumped before shooting. Please, if you like, respond directly to my e-mail: Thanks

Unknown said...

I have a Benjamin Franklin model 310 bolt action h- I need to figure out where I can get the part's for it

Anonymous said...

I have a model 132. It came with a holster that snaps on. When I was a kid 35 years ago I walked across a railroad bridge and it drop off and fell into the brackish salt water at the head of a river. 3 weeks later a diver went down and somehow found it. It didnt work at all. I pumped it every so often. but forgot about it. 2 years later I check it and it worked!!! I still have it and shoot it today. I has the same power it did if not better now. 5 pumps is perfect for target shooting. super accurate.

Unknown said...

I have a pair of 132 s. Benn setting in a drawer for years. Still pump up an shoot a little. our log of disassembly is very clear and informative. Seems you have the best info on these older air guns. most great full for you sharing with us..

Unknown said...

Some good info on these older model air guns. All directions are clearly stated and tooling explained well for hose novice or mechanically inclined. looking forward to reading more of your work. do you do repairs, or have a shop you rebuild in on your spare time ? I can see many of us can do R @ R ,,but wont have tooling to in-crimp as you mentioned @ crimping and re-crimp the rubber seal ? Thanks Fr Fla

Unknown said...

I have one in mint condition for sale.

Unknown said...

I have one that the firing mechanism has broken in two places. It is the piece that the trigger moves out of the slot that fires the gun. Any chance of finding that piece? If not I have the barrel and pump that is in great shape holds pressure very well.

Unknown said...

I have repaired a few vintage Benjamin air guns. A common problem is the rubber compression cup dries out. Sometimes these compression cups are hard to find. If the rubber compression cup isn't pumping pressure, try taking the pump assembly with the rubber compression cup on it out and if the rubber compression cup doesn't look severely damaged, take out the pump assembly and simply soak the end with the rubber compression cup in transmission fluid for several days. The dried out rubber compression cup will soak up the transmission fluid and rejuvenate itself and work again therefore pumping air pressure again. Also, try dripping a number of drops of the fluid down into the area ahead of the compression cup before re-installing the pump assemble. This will help re-lubricate the other rubber seals in the gun and you will possibly not need to replace these seals too.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the max pumps for the older model 132. I purchased mine used back around1970 and it still works great.

Unknown said...

According to the original instructions for a 132 is 6 pumps max.