Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Roger Mondial Pistol Disassembly, Part 2

On I go.

There's a setscrew that holds the barrel in.

The setscrew.

I pushed the barrel out by twisting and pushing.

The power adjustment mechanism. It regulates the relationship between the valve lever and hammer.

The underside of the grip frame, showing the adjustment screw.

The valve assembly.

Lovely green goo in the CO2 piercing cup.

An 11mm wrench unscrews it.

The piercing pin came out with it. YMMV.

The piercing pin and cup. I love that green color.

The end of the valve assembly.

The end unscrewed. Should I throw in a pitch for using a properly fitting screwdriver?

There's an o-ring to seal the end. The exhaust valve and spring came out.

The exhaust valve and spring.

It's difficult to make out but there's a slot into the valve stem right where the seal is. The seal was toast...

The stem is hollow. Gas flows around the seal, through the slot and through the stem to the barrel, picking up the BB on the way.

The spring for the valve lever. The steel washer bears against the step in the valve stem.

All the parts.

There's a seal I couldn't get out where the piercing pin and cup screws in. It seems fine so I'll leave it.

One exploded gun. Note the large diameter piercing screw and huge brass nut. Forgot to mention those, not that it matters.
I'll blog about resealing it in a few days.

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