Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Ramble and Miscellany

I'm tidying up some loose ends with this post. Beyond what you see below I have a Daisy/Milbro 230 rifle and three Crosman 101's in partial process. Not sure how/when I'll have any of them these things go. I'm also working on some other parts, etc. I also have a Gamo 220 that I need to de-Gamo-ify. I bought some Maccari springs and seals to see if I could tame it. I also am learning how to resolder Benjamin barrels that have come unstuck. We'll see if that bears any but humiliating fruit for the blog. Oh yeah, there's a Sheridan C that has an ugly chunk out of the pump arm. Not even sure what's to be done about that.

A Crosman 760 that has a completely jammed barrel and broken parts, an early 1377 pistol that is in pieces and some other 1377 parts left from the carbine conversion and a 2250(?) barrel

Just ugly and worn.

Recutting the 1377 bolt for a larger o-ring.

Less Ugly? Basically just a way to use up some parts and make space. Hey, it shoots!

Some 80/20 aluminum extrusion I got at the scrap yard.

At one end of my shop.

A post that duplicates the mounting of my spotting scope.

Now I can sight guns in, inside the house...and not have to keep walking back and forth to see where the pellets are landing on the target. It stows out of the way when not in use.


Steven said...

hey is the black crosman 760 here the same one as the one you picked up on the "yard sale scores" post? just wanted to know.

Felice Luftschein said...

It's a different one, they're relatively common and I think I've found three so far.