Sunday, November 23, 2008

Derrick's Xisico/BAM B26-2, Part 1

Derrick's picking up the slack for me again! Here's a report on his Xisco/BAM B26-2:

A few months ago, I went to the Pyramyd Airgun garage sale. One of the guns I bought was the Xisico/BAM B26-2. The gun is based on Weihrauch's R-series. I'd been considering getting one for a year or so, but I didn't want to order it sight unseen. The few reviews that I had seen were favorable. However, everyone did mention that the cheek piece was too high to achieve proper eye relief with a scope. I ended up buying an open box .22 cal model at the sale. It was probably a returned gun. So, I knew going into this that whatever money I saved over the cost of a real Weihrauch, I'd make up for in time and effort. Plus, I'd probably figure out pretty quickly why it was returned. You gotta love a challenge.

Stock removed, trigger retaining pins pushed out. This is how the "Rekord trigger copy" looked. Brown oily goo.

Safety and safety spring. Another copy of Weihrauch. To me, the biggest surprise was that --for the money-- this was a pretty well made gun.

The trigger unit. The rough surface on the upper sear is evident. A minute or two on a buffing wheel will fix this.

Another shot of the rough surface. It's unlikely that the steel is hardened properly on the sears. I chose to polish and lube the mating surfaces to minimize wear. I'll come back to the trigger later.

The action went into my medieval brute of a spring compressor.

Used a 10mm wrench and removed the retaining nut. Surprise. Nothing happened. The end cap was still secured. ???

Close examination revealed 2 small plugs that pass though the receiver tube into the end block. Dental pick to push one out.

A drift knocks out the other side.

The end cap now must be rotated counter-clockwise a few degrees to disengage a tab. The spring compressor is finally earning it's keep.

More to come...

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