Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Pointless Ramble

Well, I had hoped to have an update on the Winchester 353/Diana 5 pistol, but it's been a series of problems getting a new piston seal made that performs well. I've made 3 seals so far and none have worked as well as the old worn out and broken seal. So I've shelved the project for a little while to ruminate on it. I suspect the tube is worn larger at the breech end...

I also had hoped to put up a posting about my latest purchase on Gunbroker, a Predom Lucznik KL 141, but the rifle turned out to be a total basket case. Externally it didn't look bad, except that the barrel was (as Derrick suspected) somewhat bent. That could certainly have been fixed, but upon inspection it turned out that the piston (not the seal, the whole piston!) was missing. To the sellers credit he offered a full refund, but I told him not to worry about it. Caveat emptor, and Murphy's rules, etc...if you don't know what to look for it's not that obvious. So I may someday get around to making a new piston for it...but not today.

So I have no neat projects to post about today. Next up is getting a scope mounted on my Original (Diana) 45 rifle. I bought some scope mounts at the local gunshop today and will modify them somewhat. The breech seal is loose on it as well, so that'll be fixed as well. I think the key with this hobby is to not get too stuck on any one project, but to accept failure from time to time and move on. I keep learning, failure or success.

Oh, and here's the Korean airgun forum, too bad I don't know enough Hangul to even register to look at the pics...

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