Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Pointless Ramble

I'm a bit snowed under with work right now, but will have a post up about disassembling and lubing the Hy Score/Hammerli/Puma rifle tomorrow or Saturday, after I edit all the pictures. So you get a pointless ramble today.

I found this great archived article from the New York Times about a Brooklyn air cane assassination in 1867. The formatting is screwed up so you have to scroll down to the bottom to read the first part.

James Lileks, one of my favorite bloggers, put up a bunch of old Daisy ads on his ephemera gallery site.

Here's a new site about the MacGlashan BB Machinegun.

I "won" this beater of a Lucznik air rifle on gunbroker, just so I'll have something to play with.

Just ignore the sentences below, unless you are a sadist...

As always, the revenue from this blog is microscopic, so I'll just keep begging (or rather "blegging") for donations of beater airguns to work on, pellets (I could really use some .22's), airgun books, etc. Not that it's paid off yet...
I could also use some serious sponsorship, if anyone has any ideas of how to get some true airgun specific advertising, I'm all ears! The google ads are largely irrelevant. I'd sell real estate on the top or sidebar for a song...Pyramyd? Midway? Anyone?


wraith said...

Nick, I'll help support my air gun porn. I have some .22 pellets to give. Let me know

Nick Carter said...

Thanks Wraith!