Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Yard Sale Score!

The yard sale ad in the paper said "BB Gun Collection" was only a few miles away from our house but I got there a 45 minutes after it opened because we had to drop the kids off at preschool. So I definitely (probably) missed out on a few of the better deals. That said, I think overall I did well. In any case I have a few good projects to blog about in coming weeks.

(L)Crosman SSP250 with .177 barrel installed and a spare .22 barrel ($15-). The loading port is missing and it's a bit rough. As with the other CO2 gun, I have no idea if it holds gas but I suspect not.
I thought that (R) I was buying a Daisy 717, but on closer inspection it's a 722 ($10-)! Excellent! Missing the rear sight and bad seals but that's not a problem. I think I have all the parts for repair. The 722 is in .22 caliber and somewhat rare.
The box of scopes was 5 for $10-, there are two good ones and 3 crappy ones. And a Marksman slingshot for a buck that I will never let the kids know about.

(L)A Daisy 200, in the box ($10-), I generally hate Daisy airguns (except for the 7xx series) but it's collectable and looks nice. (R) a Crosman 1377, pretty much in new condition ($20-)

Still has the stickers on it, holds and shoots! "Honestly Now...Have You Read These Instructions?", I love that.

The 200 is a nice looking gun. I just hope the seals are good as I don't want to invest any time in it.

(Top) Crosman 66 Powermaster with rust freckling. Not an exciting buy but I didn't have one. ($10-) It seems to work fine.
(Bottom) Crosman 760 Pumpmaster, in black with worn plating/polish. The scope is broken too. (EDIT: The scope is fine, it was mounted backwards) This will be a good loaner gun for friends. ($10-)

You can see the never sleeps.

A Daisy 840, it works as well as the other Daisy 840 I have, which is to say the seals are shot ($3-). I'm thinking of hanging all the broken Daisies on the wall of my shop. I won't be working on it.

This makes me think I missed out on a Crosman CO2 Trapmaster Shotgun! 4+ boxes of unused Crosman shotshells ($10-), and the manual for the Trapmaster. I'm saddened to think that someone bought it out from under me, but psyched that I got this rather hard to find ammo. Now I just need to find a Trapmaster. I'd probably trade one or two of the boxes for something interesting.

In great shape!

Anyway, I figured I'd gloat a bit. I can only imagine what I missed. I'm hoping that one of my yard sale contacts, who looks for airguns for me, bought a few others. But no guarantees...there never are.

Felice bought a chicken shaped towel hook ($1-) and was an extremely good sport about my insane buys. She even feigned interest convincingly as I showed her each one.


Anonymous said...

I had to work, so I missed the garage sales!! I Don't have much luck finding them at Garage sales here in Nw Arkansas.

shuber said...

Hey, I recently purchased a black 760 and it came with a black scope not a silver scope. would you potentially sell or give that cheap scope you got at the yard sale to me? I know it's a weird request but mostly I just want it for looks when I hang it.

Nick Carter said...

That scope went away already, sorry. They're pretty easy to find at gun shows though.

Steve Ignat said...

You might enjoy shooting the 200, especially when using H&N Prazisions-Roundkugel oversized round lead balls in .179 cal, weighing in at 7.7gr.
Mine is amazingly accurate at ten meters.
The only thing I dislike is the fact that I don't have the left side grip for it. :(
Congrats on your excellent score!


Lukeypoodle said...

Hi there,

Did you get any further measuring up the shells and producing a DWG?

I've recently bought an ultishot (which takes trapmaster shells) and I can't get shells anywhere in the UK!

If you could measure one for me I can probably start 3D printing them.

I did wonder if modified .41 colt brass might work too.

Many thanks


Felice Luftschein said...

Luke, email me ( and I'll send you a quickie drawing. It's almost impossible to measure accurately though due to the softness of the plastic so you'll definitely need to tweak it.