Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chucking a One Piece Sheridan Bolt in the Lathe

Tom says:
In the case of Sheridans, I've always used the early bolts where the handle was pinned to the bolt body in order to seperate them so I could chuck the body of the bolt into my lathe to do the boring for the new probe. With early bolts now being hard to find if you can figure out how to chuck up the one-piece bolts in a Taig or 6x18 Atlas please share that info with me!

First drill a piece of aluminum to go around the bolt (I used a letter "K" drill), but you should measure the bolt diameter and use a drill just slightly over size.

Part it off and slit the it lengthwise. I used a hacksaw but you could use a slitting saw in the mill, or whatever works.

The finished bushing.

Indicating the bolt in the 4 jaw chuck to run true. This is a bit difficult, so take your time.

Fit the steady rest to support the bolt more rigidly.

You should have plenty of clearance for the handle.
You could use the 3 jaw as well, which would be quicker, not quite as accurate unless you bore the jaws for the diameter of the bushing.

Anyway, that's what I would do...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for spending the time on the Sheridan bolt question Nick! Since both you and Scot Laughlin have arrived at the same solution to the problem I'll now abandon hope for a 'work around' and just make a collet. It seems that at times my laziness creates more problems than solutions! Tom @ Buzzard Bluff

Anonymous said...

Slick thinking... Definitely outside the box. Gary