Wednesday, April 9, 2008

2 Weeks Along

Well I've been working at this blogging for two weeks, I'm definitely spending more time in the shop working on my airguns. It is a good motivational tool. Late this week (Sat-Sun?) I should have a post up on the 1377 pump arm, which is 80% done right now. I have a few other projects in the work, a beater Blue Streak that has some parts missing, some more Predom hijinks, and maybe I'll finally get around to making a spring compressor.

I wanted to thank Derrick, who, in spite of having known me for only two months and via the internet at that, generously lent me his Webley Hurricane to play with. It might have a problem or two that I can fix, we'll see. And I may end up buying it...although he feels that I'll end up becoming disenchanted with it overall.

I should add that while at this point I have no desire to either repair other people's airguns, or make aftermarket parts (and that may change once I get some experience), I am always looking for free/cheap airguns, especially weirder designs and those having problems. I love new problems.

Like this Slavia 624, which I bought for $10.00 ($25.00 after S&H) on Gunbroker, that might have spent a period of time underwater...I didn't take enough pics as I fixed it, I think I took this one in case I couldn't figure it out when time came to reassemble...
This is my Benjamin "Rocket 77", 267(? It's late, and I'm too lazy to check...I'll edit it tomorrow if I'm wrong)

Uses 8 gram CO2 cartridges. $49.00 at a local gun show, and the seals were good. Real gas hog though. I didn't have to do anything to it at all, which is also nice.
Anyway, just thought I'd throw out a little progress report.


Anonymous said...

thanks for doing this blog. I like reading your about your creations and repairs. it makes me want to get a lathe so i can play around with some custom creations.


Nick Carter said...

Thanks Wildcat!
I'll keep posting as long as people are interested.
Definitely get a lathe! Everyone needs one.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled accross your other blog some time back, i really like the work you turn out, its always top notch. Have you ever thought about making an airgun from scratch? That's something i'd like to see.

Nick Carter said...

Thanks Macca,
I'd like to make an airgun from scratch as well! The 1377 project is a first step in that, as I replace all the stock parts with ones I make. I'm hoping by the time I'm done that only a few original parts will remain.

After I have that project under my belt I think I may work on one of my own design, but there are a lot of finer details like the trigger group, breech, etc that take some serious thought, as well as whether it will be a pump, springer, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick, as far as I'm concerned, everyone should send you an airgun to play with. Enjoy the Hurricane.