Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Muzzle Brake on the FWB 124--Final

A little scotchbrite on the brake gave it a good enough finish for now.  I was going to blue it, but after looking at the various airguns, I decided to install it on the old two-tone FWB 124 as is.  If it ends up finding a permanent home here, I'll run it down to Akron Plating and let them give it a coat of hard chrome to better match the compression tube.   

It's hard to take a decent pic of rifles that are over 40" long and have them show up well on the blog.

The brake matches the hard chrome fairly well.  I've given it a coat of wax to prevent corrosion.

The trim size works well with the slenderness of the stock.

The setscrews are dead flush when tightened.

Think I may be overhauling the Sterling next time around.  I've got several other project guns here including both a Rochester and old Benjamin pumper in many pieces.  Also, just picked up an unfinished walnut stock inlet for a Crosman 160.  There's lots of possibilities.  Nick should be back with a project soon.

Check back.

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