Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fill Plug for the Hand Pump

This was a quick project.  Threw this together while working on the muzzle brake. Wanted a plug to fit in the female foster fitting on the end of my Benjamin hand pump.  It's really just to keep the fitting clean of dust, dirt, debris while the pump is in the basement or while traveling.

A spare male foster fitting was used to supply some basic dimensions.  Chopped off a small piece of acetal rod.

Faced the acetal in the Taig and added a small bevel.

Cut a couple grooves for o-rings.  This is all just quick freehand so far. 

Need to get the other end to about this diameter. 

A really small homemade parting tool did the trick. 

A few comparisons to the foster part showed where to make some additional relief cuts.  

Two green o-rings will help me find the plug when I set it down on a dark floor. 

About ten minutes later--and it even fits.

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Unknown said...

I just ran across this blog and I know it is rather old, but I have been looking for plugs like this. I need about 6 for all of my lines and fittings. I was able to get a few similar from another source but he is now out of the business. I have also found one source for stainless test plugs but they are costly. Are you able to make more for others? and if so what would you need.