Monday, January 9, 2012

Slavia 618 Re-tune

Yes, it’s me. Sorry for the lack of postings lately but life has a way of getting busy when you have two jobs and two kids. Good thing Derrick is so prolific!
Back in September some friends came over to shoot airguns with their kids. The Slavia 618 (pt.1, pt.2) is a great size for a child but a few pellets into being shot it just refused to work. So I put it on the rework pile. I finally had a chance to take it apart. I expected there was a problem with the home made seal, but what I found was another issue.
The guts.

I think I can chalk this up to inexperience on my part. I clearly was  a little heavy handed with the lube. The piston was gummed up in the cylinder and there was altogether too much heavy airgun grease.

I also decided it would be a good idea to smooth the piston where it makes contact with the bore.

Polished up on the beartex wheel.

I used moly sparingly on the contact surfaces and seal.

Derrick’s favorite, Slick Honey, is perfect for low power airguns. I put a thin smear on most of the other surfaces.

I was able to find my fancy spring end block insertion tool. Not bad considering I last worked on this in 2008.

Just a twist to get it to catch.

I replaced the heavy, slightly too large trigger spring with a much lighter spring. Not sure if it make a difference.

Back together and it’s back to a functioning state. I’ll probably find that most of the first airguns I worked on have too much lube…live and learn.


Bobby Nations said...


The little Slavias are great fun, and so wonderfully sized. I picked one from David Enoch up for my daughter at the Little Rock show two years ago. I have probably ended up shooting it more than she ever has even though it's sized perfectly for her.

For those who've never been inside of one, they can be a challenge. The twist to lock the rear guide thing was a head-scratcher for me the first time I tried to take it apart. Nifty, but also frustrating! Of course, the rest is no trouble at all.

I'm glad that you got yours working again. Shoot straight :-)


Anonymous said...

Are you still making the aluminum spring tool?

I'd love to have you make one for me.

rudinski said...

I have a CZ Slavia 618, must say that this little air rifle is one of the accurate ones. Neglect and time have taken all the bluing off of the metal parts, with oxidation and some light rust showing. The wooden stock needs re-finishing and the rear sight is long gone.
What would you charge me to replace the seals, re-blue it, and make the stock look new again?


Nick Carter said...

I just don't have the time to work on other people's airguns, unfortunately.

Unknown said...

How do you remove the barrel from the receiver