Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Muzzle Brake--Part 2

Happy 2012 from Another Airgun Blog!

Still working on the muzzle brake.  I flipped the brake around and milled the back end square.

Off on a quick tool tangent:  Turned an indicator holder from a piece of 5/16" key stock. It fits in a spare tool post holder.

This is mounted to the headstock in one of the various t-nut channels, either on top, or on the back. 

After adjusting the runout, I got out the compound crosslide.  (It's on the right)

I'm sure we've shown this before, but the compound mounts to the top of the crosslide and allows the cutter to travel at an angle respective to the work.

With a steady rest mounted to help prevent deflection, many light passes cut the taper.

Then back to the mill for a couple mounting screws.  A couple pieces cut from a target protect the workpiece.  Spotting for the hole here. 

Through drilling.

Tapping M4 x 0.7mm. 

Snugged a handle around the body of the tap.  The tap itself is barely held in the Jacob's chuck for alignment. 

Mentioned about a month ago about needing some new countersinks.  Over the course of a couple weeks, I replaced everything I had and then some.  I've found that gun shows are often excellent hunting grounds for machine tools at low prices.  Now, when I need a countersink, I feel like Rodney Dangerfield in the pro shop in Caddy Shack.  Hey!  I'll take one of these, two of those...

Used a 90 degree single flute cutter to chamfer the edge of the hole. 

Still need to finalize what to put this on and make sure it fits then get a finish on it.

More soon.

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