Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finally Getting Around To That Diana 5

I disassembled the neighbor's Diana model 5 2 years ago (part 1, 2 and a view) and finally got around to fixing some of its problems, mainly cosmetic. Air Rifle Headquarters has seals now, so I also fitted a new seal.

The metal was pretty pitted but I cleaned it up as best I could.

Oxpho Blue...

Slather it on, let sit, rub it out with steel wood, repeat...

In the end it doesn't look bad, but certainly not a hot blue.

Now what?

Cleaning up the end cap.

The screw threads in.

When I was reassembling it the spring compressor wore off some of the blue. Which is why cold blue sucks.

Mostly fixed but for one spot.

Then I had to make a few shims for the barrel seal. I decided to try lathe cutting them.


A shim parted off.

I did a few of different thicknesses.

Reassembled and it looks much better.

Now to clean up the rear sight a bit...


Anonymous said...

Why dose it have Winchester if it's a Diana?

Nick Carter said...

Winchester imported Diana guns under their name for a period in the 60's-70's(maybe earlier, maybe not as late as the 70's?). Same with Hy-Score, etc.

Unknown said...

Hi Felice, Working on my Diana 5. I made a seal stretcher from a home depot copper pipe re-sizer $5. I cut it off at the .5" step and following your lead it snapped right on. I need to know your tip for inserting the piston back into the sleeve. It is a compression fit and I don't want to nick the new seal. Please help! Lance

Unknown said...

I have an old Hy Score 800. It is missing the catch to cock it. Have you torn one down so I might be able to see what one looks like? Might have to make one or have one made. Thanks Lance

Felice Luftschein said...

It can be difficult to get the piston back in. #1 is making sure all the slots in the tube are deburred so that there's nothing on the tube that will scratch the seal. Otherwise it's a case of fulding the edges of teh seal in to start and looking through the slots and pushing down the lip (with a piece of smooth plastic or wood)as it goes past the slots.

I haven't torn down a Hy-Score 800 yet.