Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cleaning Up the Diana 5 Sight

Almost done...

The rear sight was a bit of a mess.

Removed the elevation screw.

The windage screw is retained by a cir-clip.

Best not to lose the ball and spring.

Mostly disassembled.

Rear sight blade is retained by a tiny cir-clip.

Blade off.

It's important not to lose that small bushing that fits over the spring.

I cleaned it and hit the worst areas with blue, etc.

The washer has a dimple that fits into the plastic piece.

Some grease helps hold the windage detent bearing and spring in place.

All back together.

Looks as good as the rest of the pistol. Returned it to the neighbor in better condtion than I received it.


Orin said...


Nice job. Looks a hundred times better. What kind of cold blueing have you had the best luck with?

- Orin

Nick Carter said...

I've had the best luck with Brownell's Oxpho Blue, seems to be a bit deeper than the others they offer but often results seem to vary depending the the type of steel, so it's always a good idea to have several different ones on hand.

Slinging Lead said...

Nick said,

"Best not to lose the ball and spring."

Amen to that brother. If only it were as easily said as done!

Every time I take apart my 1377, the safety ball hits me right above my left eyebrow. I should problably invest in an eyepatch.

derrick38 said...


Take the entire grip frame off first rather than removing just the side plate.