Sunday, June 8, 2008

Manu Arm vs Diana 5

The topic of plastic pistol "stocks" came up on the vintage airgun forum and both the Diana 5 and the Manu Arm pistol were discussed. Since I have examples of both, I thought a quick comparison would be interesting.

Top, Diana 5,branded as a Winchester 353. In very rough shape on loan from a neighbor. I'll probably be stripping and lubing soon for the blog. Bottom, Manu Arm pistol.

The Manu Arm is a good bit shorter and has a clamshell stock vs. the one piece that is on the Diana.

The Diana 5 is very similar to the Diana 6M I blogged about, with a screw on end cap retaining the spring. I haven't taken the Manu Arm apart yet, but it looks like the end cap is retained by a cross pin.

The Manu Arm rear sight is wobbly. They should have used two posts and one spring, rather than one post and two springs...The Diana 5 rear sight is exactly like the rear sight on the Diana 6

The front sight of the Manu Arm.

The Front Sight of the Diana 5

The stock Manu Arm insert makes it very hard to hit a small target.

A typical Diana front sight blade.

MANU ARM Cal 4.5 .177

So they are very different pistols. How's that for reporting?

Oh, As for velocities, although the Diana 5 is old and worn, both shoot comparably, 408 fps with crosman wadcutters in the Diana vs. 398 fps for the Manu Arm.


AuXY said...

Hi I recently acquired a Manu Arm Cal. 4.5 just like in the one in the post. I am wondering, what type of ammo is used for this pistol? Thanks!


Nick Carter said...

4.5mm (.177 caliber) airgun pellets.

Unknown said...

I am looking for parts for a Manu Arm 4.5. Any ideas?

Felice Luftschein said...

I have no idea, possibly contact manuarm?


Frank said...

I have had the same Manu-Arm Cal 4.5 Model PA for about 10 years. I went to use it a few weeks ago and there was no pellet coming out. Long story short, the piston seal is totally gone, as in crumbled up into bits and pieces of plastic.

In answer to bill:

I emailed the company last week (had to use Google translator to get from English to French) and got a very nice reply (in French). They have basically been out of business since Nov of 2009. They "might" be back in business in another 4 months, but nothing for sure.

I need some sort of piston seal if this airgun is ever to fire again. If anyone can point me in the right direction for parts or repair,even if some other piston seal could be modified I'd sure appreciate it.

Frank said...

Manu-Arm update.

I sent an email to their Canadian distributor (2/17/11)asking about parts availability. I just missed them on the phone, will report tomorrow on progress.

Frank said...

No luck with the Canadian connection. They haven't represented Manu-Arm for 3 years.

I'm sure there are parts lurking somewhere, just not sure "where" is.

Frank said...

Back when you did the comparison between the Diana 5 and the Manu Arm, you indicated you might disassemble the Manu-Arm. Is this still a possibility? I would love to know what the piston seal looks like and your opinion as to what could be done for a replacement. Thanks.

Felice Luftschein said...

That's a good idea, I'll add it to my project list.

Frank said...

Thanks Nick, I'll be looking forward to it!

gary m said...

I just acquired a 353 (22 cal.) mint cond. with the exception that it is missing the rear site, and the piston seal is bad.need parts, any help would be appreciated . thanks

Felice Luftschein said...

Maccari (Air Rifle Headquarters) has the seals

I don't know where you could get the sight. Maybe JG airguns or Chambers Gunmakers.

umbilinus said...

I had the same exact problem as Frank, with the addition that the actual piston also broke. Did anyone got the manage spare parts for the Manu Arm?

Unknown said...

I replaced my man u arm 177 pistol seal with 27mm leather washer works fine

Zuco said...

I have a Manu arm pistol for sale$80