Sunday, March 21, 2010

Getting that Beater Crosman 600 Working, Part 1

I started in on the 600 Derrick sent me.

I bead blasted the frame and gave it some flat black paint.

Next time I will also plug the tube opening...getting paint out of the inside of the tube was a pain.

The feed arm was scarred up.

Rather than make a new ring I asked around and found out that Rick Willnecker at Precision Pellet has them made. The cost is an extremely reasonable $18.00 for a part that would have taken me many hours to make. He also had a bunch of other parts including a link to replace the broken one and a new piercing cap. The details aren't up on his website but he was prompt at getting back to me via email. You can also call him at 717-382-1481
Tell him I sent you! The list of parts he has manufactured includes those used in the 101, 108, 140, 45, 760, 600, 150, 180 as well as many Benjamin/Sheridan parts.

The new ring does have a radius on the corners.

The old cam rod was scarred up on the end.

The ring wouldn't slide freely due to the corners.

So I relieved them.
I put the pistol back together and I had a perfect storm of went full auto, had a gas leak and wouldn't feed reliably.

I looked at the sear elements close up. The sear was worn.

As was the hammer sear. This was preventing them from catching.

I stoned the sears down. While I cleaned up all the surfaces I tried to remove the bulk of the material from the faces denoted by the arrows. I wasn't able to clean them up completely but did get them into better shape.
At this point while the pistol still had a gas leak and wouldn't feed reliably it stopped going full auto. So one problem solved!

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