Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Terrible Stock Repair of a Diana Model 45

Let me just say that, unlike Derrick, I am not the world's best woodworker. So this project will have you shaking your heads in pity. I did learn one useful thing though.

I bought this Diana Model 45 rifle at a gun show last winter. The price was low because there was a chip out of the stock.

I cleaned up the chip (which someone had started to clean?)

I slowly fitted a piece of maple into the recess.

Seems to fit well.

I then epoxied it in place. I think that this is where I made a mistake and the clamps somehow allowed it to twist up a tiny bit...

I covered the stock with masking tape so as to not accidentally scratch it. I then planed off most of the wood with a chisel. The rust on the chisel is due to a mouse problem. I hate mice.

I then finished by filing and sanding.

It looks ok at this point.

But close up you can see a dark epoxy line around the entire patch. Steel wool and sanding just brought it out further.

The one success I did have with this project is the color.

I found that my local hardware store had a variety of 29 cent samples of various stains. So I picked up four that seemed close to the stock color. This is the one I ended up using after testing on a piece of scrap wood. Definitely better than spending $5.00 for a can of stain that may or may not be right. The quantity is more than enough for small repairs like this and I was able to seal it by folding it over and clamping it shut with a paper clip.

I may revisit this repair later, seems like it would be a good idea to make a router template for both the patch and the stock to more precisely fit them together. Or paint the entire stock with truck bed liner.

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