Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gamo PT-800 Pistol Reassembly (Daisy 1140)

And now to put the pistol back together.

The spring ends were rough so I smoothed them out.

Likewise with the top hat and spring guide.

Everything stuffed back in, then I screwed the end cap back on.

I temporarily screwed the pivot bolt back in and mounted it to the frame.

I think this is how the safety goes...

The trigger return spring goes over this piece.

Sear- trigger linkage parts mounted.

And spring in place. But the trigger doesn't look right.

Ahh, so the trigger goes above the safety, as shown. The bent part of the linkage goes into the trigger slot. Then I put the grip frame back on.

Yes, after a bit of searching on the bench I found the tiny circlip for the sight and put it together. The pistol functions and is a good can plinker.


Juan said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm quite dumb and I couldn't figure out how to assemble it back. I haven't fired mine since 2001 or something like that. Is a good gun for what it is.

ricky hurtt said...

How do you load this model?