Friday, September 4, 2009

Gamo PT-800 Pistol Disassembly (Daisy 1140)

I've been a bit busy lately but figured I'd drag out the Daisy 1140/Gamo PT-800 and take it apart.

Daisy branded, but made by Gamo.

I took it apart 10 years ago and the pivot bolt had a boss around it to keep it from rotating. It had worn off and I trimmed it flush to the body.

I remove the screws.

Then the pivot bolt.

I had to hold the other end with parallel jaw pliers.

Pivot bolt removed.

I tried to take the sight off and the little circlip on the end went "ping" and flew off. I'm sure I'll find it.

The housing opened.

The groove on the end of the sight for the circlip.

The trigger removed.

A pile of parts. This is one of those airguns where all the internal parts sort of explode out when you open it up.

The cocking slot.

The breech plug that retains the spring is white plastic with a square recess.

A 1/4" driver fits barely, it's probably a 6mm recess.

Very little preload. Notice the square coarse thread.

The piston assembly.

Spring with tophat and spring guide. These add to the weight of the pistol.

The piston is molded plastic with a molded insert for the cocking slot.

The piston seal is an o-ring of some sort.
I'll reassemble it in the next post...

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