Monday, September 28, 2009

Slavia 630, Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

I had a spare bit of time so I figured I'd try and make the safety for the 2nd Slavia 630...

The blank steel rod turned down to basic dimensions.

I ground a 120 degree vee tool and plunged it in at slow speed. Great finish.

The 2nd vee.

Then the peak was turned down to diameter.

Using a parting tool for the smallest diameters.

Final 120 deg cut.

Then a 90 deg. chamfer on the end.

Swung the compound over.

Turned the knob to the taper and instead of knurling I turned some grooves.

Then some rings on the face.

Looks great.

I then made my first spring on the lathe, for the trigger. The two pieces of wood clamped in the toolpost provide just enough drag on the wire.

I used the tailstock drill chuck as a steady on the end of the drill bit I wrapped the spring around. It was barely closed on the drill, just enough to keep it from deflecting. The feed was setup to give 24 threads per inch, which is roughly the 12 coils for .55" of the spring.

Hey, a spring. I ground the pointy end flat.

So then I installed the trigger spring and test fired the rifle. It fired once and then it refused to cock...hmmm...was it the safety? I should have stripped the gun first shouldn't I? Because it wasn't the new safety.

The piston sear had been offhand ground by a myopic, drunken bear.

Really, it's just all wrong. Anyone have a spare Slavia 630/631 piston laying around? I could build it up with the welder and regrind precisely...I'd rather not.

The front of the piston...whoever had "smithed" the gun before me had turned off the lip that retains the piston the piston is stuck at the bottom of the tube for now. Not sure what those threads were supposed to engage. Probably a nut?

So I did all that work for nothing until I can figure out what to do about the piston...

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