Monday, September 21, 2009

Slavia 630/631 Miscellany, Part 1

I needed to measure the barrel pivot lock screw, safety and trigger spring on the Slavia 631 so I could make replacements for the other beater Slavia 630 I bought. Disassembly is identical, almost, to the 630 (pt.1, pt.2)

My Slavia 631. The previous owner had chopped the barrel and did a terrible "stippling" job on top of the factory checkering.

The lock screw.

It's pretty tiny.

Measuring the thread length.

Using feeler gages to measure the slot width.

When it fits snugly you have the proper stack, in this case the .018" and .017" together.

I just couldn't see the thread gage at the fine pitch - I think it's .5mm pitch as that's standard for a 3mm screw.

So I dragged out my 10x toolmakers scope and checked the fit. Glad I was able to shoot this pic through the eyepiece.

Here's a sketch of the dimensions. The rounded head isn't critical and will be done with files. I won't bore you with the making as I already posted the operations for a screw here.

The Slavia 630/631 safety. Yikes.

The straight shoulder bits were easy to measure.

The centers of the angled bits? Had to eyeball them.

That's a seriously messed up set of dimensions in this uber-sketch. The rifle works without a safety so I don't know if I'll attempt making it. But if I do I'll need to make multiple prints with different dimensions for the various operations. I have no idea how critical the tolerances are.

The trigger spring? It's .552" overall length, .123" diameter, .0185" wire diameter and has about 12 coils with each end closed neatly. I couldn't find anything close in my drawers of springs so I'll have to make one I suppose.

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