Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Disassembling & Resealing the Crosman Model 73 "Saddle Pal", Part 1

I scored this Crosman model 73 "Saddle Pal" at a local gun show last weekend.

It's half cocked because there's a pellet jammed in it. You can download the manual and exploded drawing from Crosman and if you know German you can read a bit about it here as well.

Removing the forend screws.

The cover pivots on those plastic nubbins. The steel straps retain the CO2 cartridge against the barrel band that doubles as the CO2 screw nut.

Removing the other side.

More screws come out.

And the other side. They are mostly all different sizes but it's not hard to keep track of which goes where.

While it didn't explode apart, there are still a bunch of small spring loaded parts shoehorned into the housing.

All that remains is the safety on one housing half.

As disassembled.

This is the most compact valve I've seen.

Setscrew holds the barrel on.

Setscrew holds the valve on.


Anonymous said...


Your photos and comments are great! Can you tell me were I can order the pin & seal for the Model 73?


Nick Carter said...

Seals can likely be bought from Bryan and Associates:

Tell them I sent you.

Also try Mac1:

Nick Carter said...

And I should add that you can get the piercing pin and piercing seals from Crosman directly, tell them you want part#s:
38A027, 38-128

But I doubt they have the exhaust valve stem & seal.

C.L. Moffatt said...

My Model 73 leaks. Where is the seal located and how do I replace it?

C.L. Moffatt said...

My Model 73 leaks all the CO2 out upon installing a new cartridge. How do I replace the seal (assuming that is the cause)?

Ken said...

Any idea where I can get the forend screws? I am missing one 73-072.