Sunday, August 9, 2009

Disassembling an IZH Baikal 513M, Part 1

I had already installed a Morgan plastic adjustable recoil pad on the 513M that Derrick picked up for me at the Pyramyd "garage sale". The gun is quite powerful, 780 fps with CP 14.9 gr. pellets. The recoil is rather harsh (not Gamo harsh, but still uncomfortable) so I decided I would take it apart and give it a "lube tune". Here's an exploded drawing.

Front screws.

There's a "polymer" tube to cushion the recoil between the screws and stock.

The screw, large washer and tube. One on each side.

Just as with most air rifles the rear trigger guard screw also retains the action.

Action removed, you can see the beartrap safety system rack (blocking rack). This (hopefully) prevents the barrel from whipping up if you fail to grasp it securely while cocking.

Barrel pivot screw is a #3 phillips.

The other end is a circular nut.

The anti-beartrap pawl is held onto the cocking arm near the shoe with a circlip.

Removed and one of the "wheels" that presumably rides the rack of the mechanism.

The other side showing the pawl and spring that keeps it under tension.

Unhooking it from the spring.

I couldn't for the life of me unhook the spring from the cocking arm.

The end of the pivot screw.

There are two lockwashers under it and one under the screw head.

The end of the "blocking lever" is hoocked around the shoe.

I pulled it out and around.

I couldn't get the stamped steel washers off of the breech block. They seem happy there.

The spring that tensions the pawl that I couldn't get off of the cocking arm? All of a sudden it was off. Funny how that works.

More to come...

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