Saturday, July 18, 2009

Walther Aperture Sight Disassembly

I picked up a (somewhat damaged) Walther Aperture sight on Ebay for a song...

A nice match sight.

The dovetail mount is a bit scarred up.

You can see a crack at the screw hole.

The end can be spread apart to show the crack. I'll probably just fabricate that part when I get around to fixing it. I wonder how much Walther wants for one or if it's available?

Removing the body from the mount.

You can see that it has provision for gross lateral adjustment.

Removing two more screws...

You can see the interior now.

An intermediate block that allows gross elevation adjustment.

I removed the aperture disk.

And the threaded tube. Apparently these were available in different lengths to tweak eye relief.

Removed the three screws on the back plate.

The mechanism.

Up and to the right.

Down and to the left. Notice the "plunger" sticks out more the further to the left and down you go.

Pretty simple parts.

There's a spring steel clip that retains the knurled knob.

It slides out.

Unscrew the knob and a ball drops out.

There's a spring as well.

All the parts of the screw assembly.

Once both knobs are removed there's just a steel shim and it's all apart.
Have I ever mentioned I find sights fascinating?

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