Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Disassembling a Gamo Hunter 220, Part 2

On I go...

The plastic shoe, pivot bolt, e-clip and spring.

The washers are cheap plastic...

I mounted the action in the spring compressor, took up the preload and removed the stud.

The allows the trigger group to be removed.

And the pin retaining the end plug and spring comes out easily.

It's a fairly beefy pin.

The end plug comes out under spring pressure.

Plastic again and scarred up. I wonder if someone "tuned" the rifle or if it's just poor quality control.

The spring was a bit canted.

The piston.

The "top hat".

The seal was a bit burned and again, coated in sticky lube...

Not in terrible shape but I replaced it with a new one.

The breech seal is not an o-ring but a huge rubber tube.

There's a bushing in the pivot hole that retains the detent.

Detent parts.

I cleaned everything. Then I tried a couple of other springs I had laying around but none gave similar power as the original spring. Assembly was the same as disassembly but in reverse...JM lubes were used to quiet the twang.

I really lack any enthusiasm for this rifle so I decided not to monkey with it further. It works and I'll trade or sell it at some point.


fkwandco@sbcglobal.net said...

Would you know where I can purchase Parts for Gamo guns. I am trying to purchase a Barrel-break swivel Bolt for the Big Cat (Big Flop) from Gamo and they tell me that it is not for sale and to send the gun in to their repair shop for Service. I also share your enthusiasm for this gun.
Thank you for your reply.
Franz Weber
e-mail: fkwandco@sbcglobal.net

Felice Luftschein said...

This is part of the reason I'm not a big fan of Gamo...
I don't know where to get parts. You can try asking on the yellow forum, and possibly Pyramyd Airguns will be able to get the part for you. Otherwise maybe just have one made by a machinist...

If it were me I'd just forget about it and buy something different if it's your only air rifle...

John said...

is the 220 the same as a Hunter 440?
I have just acquired a spanish made 440 and was wondering if you had an article on it.
Thank you

Nick Carter said...

Hi John,
I don't know, and it's the only Gamo rifle of that type we've covered.

John said...

Thank you Nick.