Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aperture Disk Extension Tube for the Williams Sight

I bought a 7/32"-40 tap a while back to complement the 7/32"-40 die I have been getting so much mileage out of making aperture disks. As you will remember I made an adjustable aperture disk for my FWB 124 rifle's Williams/Beeman sight a while back (parts 1, 2 ,3)

Here is an interesting comparison. On my Diana model 75 match rifle the aperture is mounted such that the disk is closer to my eye than on the Williams type sight.

So it would be nicer to have the disk closer to my eye, I think.

Drilling out a tube.

OK, start over again...this is after trying to cut threads on an overly thin wall tube.

Drilling the tube for the 7/32"-40 thread.


The disk threads right on.

Turning down for the threads, again...

Using the Taig 1152 die holder on the SB again. Works like a champ. In place of the shank used on the Taig I use a 1/2" dowel pin chucked up in the tailstock.

Cutting a relief groove for the threads.

The finished extension tube.

I ended up adding a section of straight I could get it on and off again. Anyway, a quick little project.

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