Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Prototype Adjustable Aperture Disk, Part 3

Almost done.

I used some Oxpho blue to colour the parts. I got a poor result for some reason. Hey, it's a prototype...I'll figure that out later.

That's a 1/16" ball on top of the tiny spring inside one half.

Screwed together.

Mounted on the sight. Tightened up the disk is on the wrong side.

Also I didn't make the boss long enough and the body fouled against the sight body.

So I made a short spacer to time the threads and place the disc on the right side.

Tiny hole.

Large hole. 8 different holes selectable by rotating the disk.

You can see I put a coarser knurl on the disk.


Matheus said...

Wow! Precision mechanics!Pieces getting smaller! Try one more with a regulable mechanical iris!

Felice Luftschein said...

Yeah, I'd like to try an leaf iris but at that scale? Easier to buy a merit disk I think.


Matheus said...

Yes, you're right. I spent part of last night "exploding" an old microscope condensator iris to see how it works, and I could put it assembled after it.
I get surprised with the simplicity of the dispositive, but my iris is far larger than the sight hood. I realized that must be very difficult to built one, with all that tiny metal sheets, rings and rods.
Must be a impressive challenge.