Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Prototype Adjustable Aperture Disk, Part 1

When he saw my replacement aperture disk for the Beeman Williams Sport Aperture sight, Derrick told I should have made an adjustable aperture disk. Because he lives to make my life hard.

Turning down some steel.

Drilling a 1/16" diameter hole.

Putting an exceedingly fine knurl on the OD. This was a mistake, in hindsight. Later on I found that I needed to re-knurl the disk so that I could get some traction on it while selecting the aperture. That's why it's a prototype...

Drilling the first of many holes with the chuck mounted to the rotary table.

8 holes around the center.

Now the 8 different apertures.

The last one.

Parting off the disk.

I drilled deep enough that I was able to make two discs, just in case. Note the revisions already appearing on the drawing. That's why it's a prototype...

Turning one half of the aperture housing.

Drilling the hole.

Threaded 7/32"-40. The shoulder isn't as long as it should be...That's why it's a prototype...

Boring the face of the other half.

The aperture housing parts, parted.


derrick38 said...
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derrick38 said...

Nick, I just knew you loved a challenge. Maybe I should send that box of broken Daisy back to you after all.