Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Disassembling a Sheridan Model C, Part 1

Yet another airgun to disassemble and reseal (it wouldn't hold more than one pump...bad inlet valve), this time a Sheridan Model C.

A classic rifle.

Removing the stock.

The rifle without the stock.

Punching out one roll pin.

Then the other.

Frees the pump lever.

The end plug is removed.

I slid the pump up to expose the pin that holds the linkage and pushed it out.

The pump cup looked good.

The bolt cam cover plate gets removed.

As does the cam plate that the bolt screw locks against. This is adjustable BTW.

Using my fancy Sheridan tool to remove the bolt cocking lug.

I kept my hand over the bolt as I withdrew it so that spring would not fly across the room.

Just a bit dirty around the trigger...more to come...


Anonymous said...

Hi, excellent blog. I.ve just revealed a Sheridan silver streak but when I cock the bolt for a pellet, the gun won't fire. It holds air fine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the excellent post. My dad gave me a Sheridan in 1963 that is exactly like this. I bought a rebuild kit from Pyramid Air that had the tool with the square end and for pulling the valve. Valve O-Ring, check valve and plunger piston head were old and replaced. Works great now. Thanks again!

Sandi D said...

Great blog. Have a Sheridan Silver Streak Model C and need the piston cup, not holding air/wont pump up, so any advice on where I can find this?

Felice Luftschein said...

Try Bryan and Associates:
Tell them I sent you.