Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Disassembling a Sheridan Model C, Part 2

And on I go...

Cleaned off the worst of the debris with a toothbrush.

This is wrong. I punched out the pin that holds the trigger housing.

Then when I went to punch out the trigger pin the housing just rotated around...

So I held it with a slave pin. Better to first punch out the trigger pin, then the housing pin...

The housing comes out with the hammer spring and guide. Note the trigger spring and trigger spring guide on the right.

The hammer spring and guide looked good.

I loosened one screw on the safety (flat) spring.

Then the other and removed the safety.

The hammer slid out.

Looks just like the Benjamin 317 I resealed.

So I used my handy tool.

And then the valve puller.

The valve connected to the puller.

The valve was dirty but looked ok.

The inlet valve spring was a bit overcompressed, or maybe they're all like that.

The inlet valve seal was definitely bad.

One messed up seal.
Resealing comes up next...


Anonymous said...

The specs on the sheridan C are 675to 700 fps. Any idea what accounts for the differnce your rebuild and specs? I had a similar experience resealing my vintage 1959 model. It holds air forever, but only achieved 575fps.


Fred S.

Felice Luftschein said...

I see "up to" 675 on the Sheridan site. so 650 is pretty good but your 575 is definitely slow. Hard to say what the problem is though.

Anonymous said...

You are correct, 675 is not bad but the Sheridan bloggers claim the pre-rocker safety Sheridans did 700 + fps.



Anonymous said...

Were dit you get those thools? very nice!


Clark said...

I have a question about the narrow ring around the hammer/striker that controls the depth of engagement of the trigger sear shown in your photo. Does it extend all the way around the hammer or is it only about 180 degrees? On my gun it is only 180 degrees and I was wondering if that was how it was supposed to be? What keeps the Hammer oriented in the correct direction, ie the half ring on the lower (trigger) side?

Nick Carter said...

I'm 99% sure it goes all the way around - it it possible yours was broken/fractured. Although I do have a vague memory of ones where it doesn't go all the way around..

Anonymous said...

the ring on the hammer is NOT supposed to go all the way around, only half and on reassembly the half ring faces down. also the lower velocities are normal with the guns with the non adjustable rods. they fit all the dans but give up a lot on getting zero headspace. if you'll replace your non adjustable one with the adjustable type, adjust it correctly for zero headspace you'll see your velocity go way up with the same number of pumps.

gillmeister692 said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for the scoop on the half-ring on the Sheridan bolt.

By adjustable "rod", I assume you're referring to the threaded piston rod which screws into a hex nut for length-of-stroke control.

Which yields higher pressure: longer rod or shorter rod?