Thursday, November 13, 2008

Slavia ZVP, Miscellany

I did a number of things to my ZVP...first off, here's a neat Czech site that has some pictures, manuals and drawings of the ZVP.

Boring out a cup to make a new piston seal.

Forming the seal. I did exactly what worked before with the Predom Lucznik.

The end cap screwed on easily.

I thought the interface between the trigger and sear was worth noting. It's a gradual curved contact surface.

The pistol back together. The rear sight is off of my Slavia 618, I need to make a copy...

The breech was loose, so I tightened up the pivot bolt. Only problem was that the lock screw divot no longer matched up.

So I stamped some thin shim washers using the method outlined in my post about the Diana 6M, I ended up using one washer .005" thick and one .008" thick.

Which allowed the divot to line up. All that remains is making the front and rear sight...

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deb said...

u have done a good job m8 i have one myself is it worth anythink