Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Slavia ZVP, Cleaning and the Stock Nut

Found some time to work on the ZVP...

After cleaning I felt the transfer port was a bit scarred up.

So I carefully filed and lapped most of damage while trying to not remove too much material.

The front sight...a blob of solder.

I milled it off.

Then filed and hit it with some cold blue. It's bluer than it looks here, but not as blue as blue can be...

Turning down some steel for the stock nut (that is the nut that holds the action to the wood grips). Since it was missing I didn't have anything to go on other than the pictures I've seen on the web, but I figured that 10mm diameter x 10mm long was probably right.

Tapping 5mm x .8mm which matches the threads on the rod. I love my collection of taps.

Slotting the nut.

Parted off and chamfering.

The nut works!

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