Thursday, October 2, 2008

Resealing a Diana Model 10, Part 1

As I said earlier, an exceedingly kind reader sold me a Diana Model 10 pistol.

As received, in the box, with manual, test target, pellet tin and screwdrivers. The only problem is that the seals are bad. So I ordered a set from Jim Maccari.

Just a beautiful pistol. The Diana 6M I resurrected shares some of the features, but lacks the styling, as well as the quality.

Grips removed.

The underside.

The barrel weight removed.

Using a ball end allen wrench to remove the spring setscrew.

Removing the shroud retaining screw.

The front sight.

The sight screws were removed, and I drifted it out.

The elevation screw on the rear sight was removed, which exposed the two mounting screws.

Removing the trigger guard screw.

The triggerguard lifts out, but there's a spring...

The spring stayed in place on the guard.

The housing around the trigger is pushed up and off.

The housing.

Still more to do...


Chris said...


You have by far, the best and most informative airgun blog on the net. Simply amazing job you do. You are one hell of a gunsmith man.


Anonymous said...

To get the piston seal on, I cut the rear off a 30-06 cartridge and swaged it larger with heat to fit over the piston nipple.