Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cleaning Up a Crosman 66, Part 2

Well, I didn't want to do a lot of work on the 66...

The transfer port is a somewhat restrictive .125" diameter, and the transfer port seal is .140"

So I drilled out the transfer port.

And the valve. I didn't bother smoothing, polishing, etc.

The cocking lever and spring goes in.

Then the rest of the trigger group.

I stuffed all the other bits in.

Then took it all apart as I forgot the plug that retains the shroud. It had fallen on the floor.

All back together. I put a cheap garage sale scope on it, as the rear sight is missing. The front bit of the handguard is missing as well. I checked out the velocities, with 7.9 gr. premiers it was shooting at 589 fps, 6 ft/lbs with 10 pumps, a bit slow from the advertised velocity of "up to" 645 fps. With 10.5 gr. premiers I got 521 fps, 6.33 ft/lbs, and with 15 pumps 567 fps, 7.5 ft/lbs.
Not that you're supposed to pump it up more than 10 times...

So now if one of my friends reveals that they are lacking a pellet gun, I have the perfect $6.00 gift to give them.


Anonymous said...

i have found this to be really helpful, as i was having some problems with trigger assembly. how ever i am wondering if there is any photographic information on the pump action as i am loosing pressure while pumping; and seem to be loosing power in velocity i may get 2 strong pumps and then the little bung on the end seems to become detached.

Felice Luftschein said...

Go to the Crosman site and download the EVP file that shows all the part numbers for the 66
, then call them up and order the pump cup (760-140) and pump piston (1322-B019). Likely either the hole the pump cup fits in is loose and the pump cup is bad. Replacing both should make it work much better. Probably a good idea to buy any other seals as well.

I Love To Be A Hater said...

i was wondering if you could help me. in between the trigger group and "stuffed the rest of the bits in" you left out quite a bit. i was wondering if you could provide the other few steps. i got everything but cant figure out how to get the large piece you showed drilling out with the spring back in. please help. i found the schematic on the website but it doesnt show how it actually sits. please please help. i can email you pictures of whats giving me problems.

I Love To Be A Hater said...

please help, in between the trigger group and stuffed rest of the bits in, i cant figure out how to get the piece you drilled out and the spring back in. i got the schematic but it doesnt show how it actually fits together. please please help.

Anonymous said...

I could use some tips for the order in which to put the gun back together. I am struggling with how to get the barrel, pump tube and trigger assembly in at the same time. Can you help?

Felice Luftschein said...

Just read the first post in reverse order:
Otherwise speand some time studying the exploded diagrams.