Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cleaning Up a Crosman 66, Part 1

Well, I can't always work on lovely old vintage guns...The neighbor had a bunch of BB guns he had to sell for his daughter, so I bought several for $6.00 a pop. The Crosman 66 below had a few problems. The barrel shroud was missing the screws that hold it in place, the sight was missing and overall it was dirty. So I decided to take it apart and get it back into shape.

The Crosman 66

Notice the shroud is loose and rust freckled.

I used a square drive screwdriver to remove the three screws on the right side.

And one on the left.

I popped the cap off the pistol grip and unscrewed the buttstock.

The trigger assembly. This picture is important for reassembly. You can't really make it out but there are cobwebs in the trigger assembly.

The hammer assembly comes out when the tube is pulled and the trigger parts go all the pieces...

Punching out the pump pivot pin.

The pump arm removed. The pump seal was dirty.

The small rubber seal for the transfer port was removed.

The valve assembly was pushed out the front of the tube. The pump end was really dirty.

I chucked up one half in the lathe, locked the spindle and usncrewed the other half with a vise grip. The jaws were cushioned with a thick rubber band.

The valve, disassembled.
Everything in the gun is dirty. So I'll clean it all up and put it back together for the next post.


Anonymous said...

I took apart my powermaster (it's the newer a black stock/forearm with silver barrel shroud) and mine has a smoothbore barrel. Does your have one too?

Nick Carter said...

I think it had extremely shallow rifling but I honestly can't remember.

Tyler said...

thanks for posting this up it was a real help when my cousin popped my BB gun open and didnt know how to put it back together

Carlos Olivo said...

Would you have instructions on the trigger mechanism of a Crosman M417? The trigger is very similiar to the Crosman 66, but there seems to be an extra piece that doesn't fit. I used the picture of the Crosman 66 to bet 90% there, but now I'm stuck.

Nick Carter said...
They don't have the exploded digram but I bet it's the same trigger as used in current versions of the 781 or recruit, etc. Just look at any of the pneumatic guns listed as being in production.